PHP 也有 Day #3 - Write structured code in WordPress 以及 Symfony2 Framework 介紹

PHP 也有 Day - Write structured code in WordPress 以及 Symfony2 Framework 介紹


介紹 WordPress plugin themes 的撰寫以及 hooks and filters 的使用。

Symfony2 這套 PHP 的 Framework


Maarten Hemmes - Write structured code in WordPress

Maarten Hemmes is a software engineer at Hemmes.IT, a web development company with a strong focus on open source solutions. 

Twitter: @maartenhemmes

Herb - Symfony2 PHP Frmework



Write structured code in WordPress

One of the reasons we started using frameworks to write code is because we wanted to create standards. Our code needed to be maintainable, re-usable but also understandable for other developers.

While most frameworks adopted the MVC-structure, WordPress doesn't have such structure, thats to say, a developer is not forced to work in such structure. Many will even state that WordPress isn't a framework at all but only a plain CMS. Why write an application in WordPress?

During this talk Maarten Hemmes will show you that WordPress is a very powerful framework to write solid (modern) applications. We will do this by gaining a deeper understanding about the difference between plugins and themes, and the proper use of hooks and filters.

Symfony2 PHP Framework
  1. 簡單介紹 Symfony2
  2. 為何使用 Symfony2
  3. 如何用Symfony2快速建制個人部落格
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2014/05/22 18:00(+0800) ~ 2014/05/29 21:00(+0800) 結束販售
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